How to Download Music to iPod Touch

One of the latest Apple products is the iPod Touch. New users may be a little confused and wondering how to download music to iPod Touch. There are two methods to put music on the device. The regular way is by connecting the iPod Touch to the computer that you will use to sync it with. First, download iTunes onto the computer and add the music you want included. Once you have all the music on iTunes then connect the iPod to the computer using the USB cord that came with the device.

iTunes should automatically display an icon for your iPod in the left hand menu. You can set it up to sync whatever music you want included. You can click and drag music by song or playlist from the library to the iPod if you want to. Or you can select the music to be automatically synced when the iPod is detected by iTunes.

To download music by a Wi-Fi connection you will have to turn the iPod on and find the iTunes Store. Sign in to the iTunes Store using your sign in information. Purchase songs and then download them directly onto the device. This is a very easy process for downloading music to your iPod Touch.

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