How to Download Music to iPod Touch Without iTunes

The standard method of downloading music to iPod touch is through the use of iTunes. Users who are using an operating system different from windows or Mac may find themselves wondering how they can download music to iPod touch without iTunes. In fact, how to download music to iPod touch without iTunes is one of the most frequent inquiries by iPod touch owners. Learning how to download music to iPod touch without iTunes is pretty simple and within the grasp of many individuals. All you need to do is to first choose an alternative to iTunes. This can be done by choosing floola, yamiPod, or ephpod which are programs which help a person to download music without iPod touch.

The next thing is to select the most recent version of the program and install it. After the installation is complete, one should then import the entire music library into the program. A connection of the iPod touch to a computer should be able to detect the new program. Once the program has been recognized, the next step is to copy music from the music library to your iPod touch. This can be achieved by selecting the songs you want and dragging them to your preferred destination.

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