How to Download iPhone Ringtones

Downloading personalized ringtones on your device allows one to allocate favorite rings for their friends and family to be on alert whenever they are calling, it also defines one’s personality and their love for a particular music genre. There are simple steps that one can follow on how to download iPhone ringtones first find a ringtone service for your device including Apple’s ringtone site for downloads, type the phone number of your device into the website of your choice and you will receive a code on your device from the company’s website that will be used to set up an account on the website.

There are sites that offer free downloading services but not all and if prompted one should pay for the ringtones they are downloading either monthly or per ringtone depending on the site you are using, select the desired ringtones to download to your device by simply clicking and confirming the download, on your iPhone check on the ringtone once sent click download to save on the device. Before agreeing on websites that charges you monthly fee for their ringtones one should b cautious and read the terms and conditions to decide whether you will agree to them and one can call the ringtone company for any cancelation.

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