How to Downgrade an iPod Touch and Get to the Original Operating System

The iPod touch offers storage for video and music for potable playback. The device also has internet connection that enables one to read and send mails where there is internet connectivity.  Incase one had upgraded their device to the latest version of the iOS operating system and are not happy with it, they require knowing how to downgrade an iPod touch to restore to the original operating system and functionality. One can begin by downloading the older version of the iPod touch’s firmware software. This is followed by downloading of the RecBoot utility, and its program is extracted from the computer ZIP file.
Launch the iTunes program in the personal computer. The iPod touch should then be switched to device firmware update mode. Using the USB, cable provided, connect the iPod touch to the personal computer and switch it off. Press and hold the sleep/lock button and home button together. Release the sleep/lock button when still holding the home button till a dialogue box indicating that the device is in recovery mode. Click on the iPod touch in the iTunes that is found under the devices. Press and hold the shift key on the computer keyboard and press on restore button of the iTunes. Select the device’s firmware and press the okay button to begin installation. Double click RecBoot.exe file and click on exit recovery mode in the RecBoot. The program reboots the iPod touch into older version of iOS operating system giving. Following the above procedure, one can know how to downgrade an iPod touch when the operating system they are using is not favoring their interest.


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