How to Delete Songs from the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a very popular MP3 player. Most of the basic functions are mostly the same as some of the previous Apple products except you use the touch screen to interact. When you need to create more space on the player you may need to know how to delete songs from the iPod Touch. It is a very similar process as the earlier iPod models required.

Open iTunes on the computer where you sync your iPod and then plug the iPod Touch in using the USB cord. Under the “devices” tab you should see another box named, “manually manage music and videos” under “Summary.” Highlight the icon for your iPod Touch by clicking on it and then there should be an arrow just to the left of it that you will click on which will display a drop-down menu. From the menu that drops down select the “music” tab. Then all the music that is on the iPod Touch will be displayed in the iTunes screen. Click all the songs that you want to delete from the iPod Touch and hit the “delete” button on your keyboard. This will permanently delete the music from the library and when you sync the iPod Touch the next time they will be deleted from the device as well.

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