How to Delete Photos from iPhone PhotoStream

When one wants to free space or want to remove an unwanted picture from the iPhone, they need to know how to delete photos from iPhone photostream. One may want to get rid of a photo they just took or do not like, or may want to remove all the photos in the album. One requires having iPhoto used for editing photos and iTunes to carry out the exercise effectively. When one requires removing all the photos in the album, they require launching iTunes and connecting the iPhone to the computer using the USB provided with the device. Click on the iPhone option under the devices on the left side of the iTunes screen. On the iPhone tab, click on selected albums and events tab on the highlighted area. Uncheck the album one wants to remove from the highlighted area and apply. After syncing, the pictures in the album are deleted.

When one wants to remove photos from within a given album, one loads software’s iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop or Aperture that help to organize the photos. Launch the photo’s organizing software and remove the photos. Sync the iPhone and after editing the photos using the software, the removed photos will be completely removed from the iPhone in the next sync. Following the above procedure, one will not require more explanation on how to delete photos from iPhone photostream.

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