How to Delete Photos from iPhone 4s

The iPhone is a popular way to take pictures today. It saves everyone from having to carry a camera around with them all the time. It’s handy and convenient. But eventually the phone gets full of pictures and the user wants to know how to delete photos from iPhone 4s picture library.

Probably the easiest way to delete photos is to directly delete them from the iPhone itself. To do this, you just press the “photos” icon on the screen of the iPhone. Then all the photos you have saved on the device will be displayed. Choose your own camera roll. These are the pictures that have been taken with the iPhone. These are the only photos you can delete directly from the iPhone.

After you select the camera roll, choose the picture that you desire to delete from the iPhone. Simply touch the photo and then press the “garbage” icon. This icon is located on the bottom right corner of the iPhone. Now select “delete.” The iPhone will automatically display a warning message that asks the user if they really want to delete the chosen photo. If you are sure you want to delete it click” ok.” The photo is then deleted.

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