How to Delete Music from iPod Touch Without iTunes?

ITunes is the official software used to manage music, photos and video contents in your iPod and for one to add or eliminate these contents from their device iTunes is the application that will enable these process this has however limited many people who do not have enough space on their computer or do not like the user interface of the iTunes window, other iPod management programs are now available for users to sample and enjoy user friendly, small in size and free apps that allow them to download music and erase them easily following easy steps on how to delete music from iPod touch without itunes.

First one needs to download a program called copy Trans manager from the internet and run it on their computer, connect your iPod to the computer with the iPod cable, explore the contents on the iPod using the CopyTrans manager browser, select the songs to be deleted and right click on them to select delete from iPod and select yes to confirm, after completing click on the eject button to remove the device safely. There are many other programs available for iPod users to sample from if they are not satisfied with this method and manage their music conveniently.

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