How to Copy iPod to Computer Using Shareware Program

The iPod is designed to accept data files from the computer but the reverse is not true. However, for one to copy a file from the iPod to the computer hard drive they require to know how to copy iPod to computer using shareware program. The shareware programs are available for both the Macs and personal computers.  The copying of the iPod to computer violates no warranties and causes no harm to the iPod or the personal computer.  One begins by downloading the share ware program into the personal computer. After the download is complete, install the program and restart the personal computer. Using the USB, that came with the iPod connect it to the personal computer and allows the iPod icon to appear on the desktop of the personal computer.

Launch the iPod transfer program on the personal computer or the Mac. Once the iPod icon appears on the main screen of shareware program, click on it. Click on the folder at the centre column of the shareware main screen that contains files one wants to transfer. Select the file that you want to transfer to the computer, drag it to the desktop, and wait for progress bar to disappear. When the bar disappears quit the transfer shareware. Eject the iPod and disconnect it from the computer having known how to copy iPod to computer using shareware program.

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