How to Clear iPhone Memory

When faced with application problems or freezing of the iPhone  the only solution could be restoring the device from previously stored backup data to be Able to access your applications and important data that one had backed up. Syncing problems could also indicate that the device has some issues with its memory and clearing it would do the trick. There are simple steps on how to clear iPhone memory. First connect your device to a computer that it was last synced with using a USB cable and launch iTunes. Under devices click the iPhone icon located on the left side of the iTunes window and options for the device on the main window will be opened. Click on the summary tab then click on restore button.

A pop window will appear, click backup on it to be able to backup information on your device after restoration. If you want to delete everything from your device after restoring it, it is important to erase the data from iTunes to stop it from resync with the device. Click restore when a window pops up.  After it has finished restoring click ok and wait before disconnecting for a message saying iPhone is activated appears on the screen. On the window select set up as new iPhone or choose a restore point from the screen that appears on iTunes to click continue and complete restoration.

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