How to Clean the iPad Screen

Since it is a touch screen, an iPad screen is very sensitive and one should handle it with care while cleaning it. Use of soft material while dusting it is also recommended. According to experts, an iPad has an aleophobic coating that happens to resist oil left on the screen after use. After a while of continuous usage the coating loses its effectiveness thus the need for frequent cleaning. Using basic cleaning materials will give one a good clean and shinny device. Steps on how to clean the iPad screen are simple and one need to first switch off the iPad and disconnect all the attached cables, blow away dust particles using the air bulb, the air pressure from the pressure bulb blows away abrasive particles that could eventually scratch the device if wiped.

Using lint free microfiber cloth, apply drops of distilled water onto it until a large damp spot appears. get to a bright lighted area to be able to see well and wipe the iPad screen in a slow careful motion ensuring no scratches are made on the device, this should give the device a clean finish and using a dry cloth for the finishing touches should guarantee one a clean device.

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