How to Bypass iPhone Passcode

Among its many features, the iPhone requires one to enter a four-digit passcode before accessing the phone. The iPhone operating system version two point two allowed snoops to bypass the passcode. The problem was useful as it allowed the users who had forgotten their password to access their phone. The problem has since been patched but users ask of how to bypass iPhone passcode when forgotten. Start by plugging in the iPhone into the computer and do not allow the iPhone to sync. Hold the home and hold buttons on the device and when the option to switch off the phone appears, ignore it. Release the hold button when the apple logo appears and continue holding the home button until the iTunes logo appears on the computer. It will indicate that it has detected an iPhone on recovery mode. Click on the ok and allow iTunes to restore the iPhone. The iPhone restarts and is displayed on the sources pane of the iTunes window. Select the iPhone, follow the onscreen instructions, and select restoration from the latest back up and remove the passcode. After learning how to bypass iPhone passcode one can easily access the phone apps even if they had forgotten the code.

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