How to Add Music to an iPod Without iTunes?

The greatest feature of iPod is its flexibility for its users and the ability to give them freedom to choose software of adding and transferring music to and from their device. ITunes is the well known software that many use to transfer music contents from and to their device. Although it is convenient and easy to use it does not offer user s flexibility due to its restrictions. The process of how to add music to an iPod without itunes is simple and one needs to set up their device as an external hard drive. Select it on the iTunes list after connection, click the options button to open iPod preference window in the iTunes window to click on enable disk use option.

Download Floola a free program that allows one to manage their device anywhere and with any computer. Install it by simply dragging it to the iPod and run the app from your iPod and one can delete it to uninstall. One can simply drag music from their computer to their iPod by clicking add on a check box that appears on the window.  Eject the iPod from the computer before you disconnect it and close Floola and enjoy listening to music, for easy time hold shift key when closing Floola to automatically eject your iPod.

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