How to Add a PDF to iBooks

IBooks has made work easy for users who want to view their documents in PDF since it supports PDF application that enable one to easily view their PDF documents without the use of third party application to be able to view their documents as it is with the previous version of devices. Its compatibility to e- book and PDFs is ideal since it allows one to conveniently import their own contents on top of e-books from the iTunes stores. Steps on how to add pdf to ibooks do not require one to be tech savvy because of their simplicity and are easy to understand.

First open iTunes on your computer, select file from the menu bar then go to add to library. Locate the PDF on the computer to add to iBook and click open. It will automatically import to the books playlist in the left column of iTunes window. Connect the device to the computer and click on the devices icon in the iTunes application window. Click on the books tab and check on the sync books check box. If the device is set to sync on selected books check on the box next to your PDF files and click apply button, save changes and import your PDF it will appear on the ibooks library section.

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