How to Activate 3G on iPad 2

Activating 3G on an iPad 2 is easy but one should ensure that their model is 3G enabled since it cannot be enabled on WI-FI device. Also, one should consider the charges applicable while activating and ensure that their service providers have affordable rates. Here are some simple steps on how to activate 3g on iPad 2 and which do not need one to be tech savvy to be able to install in their device. First tap on the settings icon on the device then cellular data to open 3G wizard, choose your network provider and data plan from the choice  listed, one can choose unlimited to avoid inconveniences and one can change the time limit over time to fit their usage.

One will be needed to enter credit card information for payment. Confirm your billing information by entering it on the screen prompts to complete the account setup. When the 3G setup is complete, press the home button to exit the setting application. For easy access of the 3G service tap on settings choose cellular data and turn the virtual switch on or off. It is important to switch the cellular data off if one is not using WI-FI or internet connection on their device to avoid battery drain and unused charges.

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