How Does an iPhone Work

After one purchases an iPhone, they need to register it with a cell phone  service  provider who originally sold it or have it unlocked to enable it use any cell phone provider. To enable one unravel the mystery of how does an iPhone work one needs to understand the basic features of the iPhone. An iPhone is a flat phone with a touch screen and camera and usually rectangular. The control edge has controls and plug receptacles with the on and off button located on the right side and earphone port on the left. The charger is located on the opposite end of the phone. The left side button controls are for volume controls, with the long one being the volume control and the short one being for mute control. The phone can be synchronized to a computer to enable the user to download calendars and contacts from outlook into the device.

To illuminate the iPhone screen one touches the center button at the bottom of the screen. When there is no set password, the screen is unlocked by running a finger over the   unlock command on the screen.  Four icons appear on the bottom of the screen namely, the Phone, Safari, Mail and iPod. These are used to read and send messages, make calls, surf internet and listen to music. On the upper part of the screen are other icons including You Tube, Stock Reports, Weather, Clock, Notes, Settings, Camera and Photo Album. The device can be used as alarm clock, stopwatch, camera, appointment book and many more. Setting icons enable one to customize the phone. Any additional app can be downloaded into the phone through online stores. After going through all the applications in the iPhone one will not need to ask how does an iPhone work since the pop up menu assists the user walk through all processes.

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