How Do I Sync My iPhone to iTunes

A new iPhone owner can easily gain access to their music through the iTunes. The iTunes is a platform that enables a computer user to manage the podcasts and music downloads. The question that many ask is how do I sync my iPhone to iTunes? The iTunes enables one to sync their iPhones to iTunes on their computers without additional software. One begins by connection of the iPhone to the personal computer using the USB chord provided with the iPhone. Launch the iTunes program and the program opens automatically recognizing the iPhone. The source option in the iTunes is chosen to establish the iPhone as the last destination for your music downloads. On the summary tab on the iTunes, select auto sync that will always enable the iPhone to sync any time it is connected to the personal computer.

In case of any complications during the synchronization process one should restore the iTunes to default settings. To save space on the iPhone one creates an individual play list on the personal computer. The list can include entire songs album of an artist or mixture of favorite songs. Matching songs should be deleted from the list in the library. The iPhone should be left connected to the personal computer until the syncing is complete. The question of how do I sync my iPhone to iTunes will have been answered after a pop- up indicating completion of the download.

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