Hot summer toys-LITEHAWK II Medium Size Indoor / Outdoor helicopter


hot summer toys_helicopter

LITEHAWK II Medium Size Indoor / Outdoor helicopter is taking the market by storm!

It is built tough with a CNC Metal Chassis and Flexible “Break Away” Blades – LITEHAWK II Medium Size means business. Soft Touch Radio Controls and very Stable Flying Character make it the perfect choice! Have an accident? No worries – LiteHawk stands behind each LITEHAWK II with a full line-up of replacement parts to get you flying quickly! Ask Toronto Motorsports for details.




Fasten your seatbelts for an outdoor adventure! After exhaustive testing and design – LITEHAWK II is ready! Take your helicopter flying to the next level – open the doors and let’s go outside! Not one but two engines provide the power while leading edge gyro technology ensures stable flight…..are you ready!

LITEHAWK II Medium Size Helicopters include a USB port for charging to get you flying faster! Simply connect it into any ordinary household outlet. The charger will show it’s red LED while powering your Litehawk…once the light goes out, you are good to go! Fully assembled and ready to fly!! INCLUDES SPARE ROTOR BLADES & STABILIZER BLADE.


– Employs the very latest technology and uses ultra high quality materials in construction

– 3 Motors (2 High Output for the main rotor and one for the tail rotor)

– 12-15 min flying time – Breakaway Rotor Blades for durability and safety

– 2 different band frequencies available enabling two separate LITEHAWK II to operate at the same time.

– Leading Gyro Technology

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