G2 Google TV will be released next week

LG G2 google tv

LG showed their G2 Google TV series products this week in NewYork, which support gesture control and 3D technology with dual core CPU.  I guess LG G2 TV might be the strongest Google TV equipments so far thanks for its quick dual core CPU and gesture control technology. Meantime, LG is also the first company has the 3D Google TV, plus this is a passive 3D television which means it won’t cost users a lot on the plastic passive 3D glasses.

The unique place of G2 Google TV is its magic gesture control. Compared with Sony and Logitech’s TV touch pad, it brings user very accurate and more smooth control experience. The infrared ray receiver of this controller is similar with the Nitendo Wii, which transfer the signal through the inner infared equipment in the front of the TV. Besides, this controller support gesture control and specially make an inside micro for the audio control.


Of course, the design of controller itself is amazing too. There is a scroll key and some normal keys the user would like to have, and the backside is a Qwerty keyboard.

Users could have a smooth experience of Google TV because of the LG Quard Core CPU. Moreover, it is the first Google TV that using dual core based on ARM L9 processor. And we will see L9 Processor being wildly used in LG’s other Television products. It is said the prices will be $1699 for the 47’’and $2299 for 55’’.

For more visual information,see the video attached, the information above from leiphone.com

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