Digital Optical Vs Hdmi Audio: Learn the Difference between the Two

Settling on the right and most efficient cables to connect home audio can be a herculean task especially with the availability of different options in the market. When it comes to entertainment, people always want to settle for cables that will give them value for their money and which are durable and of high quality. Digital optical vs. HDMI audio is the dilemma that most people grapple with when intending to purchase or settle for a speaker system. In order to make an informed decision on which is the most agreeable method of transferring sound, it’s of essence for us to first look at the merits and features that separate the two. Digital optical audio uses smaller cables as compared to HDMI and is commonly associated with transferring audio in two channels.

This audio format is does not function with high end formats such as HD audio and is therefore mostly used with older equipments. HDMI audio on the other hand transfer audio and video information through a single connection. It uses larger cables as compared to digital optical and uses a “lossless” audio format. This format plays a very important role in ensuring that no information is misplaced during the transfer process. HDMI audio is therefore more powerful and is of better quality than digital optical cable. As such, individuals who are at a loss on what audio to use will find HDMI audio very essential.


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