Common Features of the iPad

The iPads come in two major versions, the Apple iPad which was released first then the iPad 2 version which is thinner and lighter than the original iPod version. Among the unique features of the iPad is both the rear and front cameras and it is available in white or black cover. The iPad has multi-touch display screen with high screen resolution of up to one hundred and thirty two per pixel. The device has an accelerometer and three-axis gyro that helps it to detect motion when one is using the iPad, helping one to orient the screen both horizontally and vertically when using apps like games. It has a lithium polymer battery that can stay up to ten hours when in use watching movies, surfing the internet or listening to music after charging.

The iPad uses the iOS operating system that offers protection and parenting of data from any website. The voice over software enables the iPad to be used by people with visual impairment. Mail, Photo Booth, iBooks, Safari Browser, iTunes and Video are among the built in apps. One can download other numerous apps from App Store. The iPad has front and back cameras that enable face time video calls possible. The device can support video and audio recordings for use on computer and television. The device has built in speakers and headphones as well as jack port for headphones. The iPad has Wi-Fi connectivity enabling connectivity in wireless networks or wire less hotspots. Some have special features of the iPad of 3G that enable one to connect when in areas where wireless connectivity is not available.

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