Common Features of the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is a smaller version of the lap top that is a thin tablet computer compared to the original iPad. It has an entirely sensitive screen, screen keyboard and functions on application-based interface where the programs appear as icons on the home screen.  Among the features of the iPad 2 is that it is bought with standard apps but the iTunes enable one to customize the entire system. The iPad 2 is light with nine and half inches high, seven point three inches wide and thickness of zero point three four inches. They are available with storage space of sixteen gigabytes, thirty gigabytes or sixty-four gigabytes. The screen is LED-back-lit with one hundred pixels per inch. The battery is long lasting enabling one to have up to ten hours of web surfing, music listening or watching movies. The iPad 2 has both the Wi-Fi and 3G capability, which allow it to connect both when wireless connection is available and where it is not available. The front and back camera in the device enables it to have high definition images. It has an inbuilt speaker and microphone with a three point five millimeter mini-jack port for the headphones.

The iPad comes with standard set applications like the Camera, Safari Browser, the iTunes, Camera and Game Centre. Other available apps include, iBooks, Maps App, iPhoto, FaceTime and Photo Booth App. One can download many more apps available in the App Store. The special features of iPad 2 that make it accessible to handicapped users include full screen magnification, mono-audio, and voice over that enables one navigate the device audibly rather than visually. A plus on the device is that it is made with concern for the environment where materials are environmental friendly containing no Polyvinyl Chloride, arsenic free glass and mercury free LED backlights.

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