Can you unlock iPhone4?

When you purchase an iPhone 4 through online resources and get a really good deal, what they don’t tell you is that the phone is locked. This means you can only use it on certain cell phone networks. So the question is, can you unlock iPhone4? And the answer is yes, they can be unlocked so that they can be used on any cell phone carrier provider’s network. It is actually an easy process and it is also legal. Regulatory officials have made it clear that a phone is personal property and it is not illegal to unlock them so that they can be used more freely.

There are many different sites where software can be purchased and downloaded. These will unlock the iPhone 4. But Blackrain is one of the most common sites that has the necessary software to unlock the iPhone and it is free to use. There are several very easy steps to take and then the phone will be unlocked and ready to use.

Once the iPhone is unlocked, you will still need to swap out SIMs cards. You will need to take the SIM card out and replace it with the one from the carrier you have a contract with.

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