Can You Skype on an iPad

Even though the iPad has got advanced capabilities to communicate, it is never thought to be an audio phone like the iPhone. The question that many users ask themselves is can you Skype on an iPad. The iPad has all the necessary hardware to receive internet calls using Skype whenever there is network to enable it receive data signals. It uses the same Skype applications found in iPhones to make calls to other Skype users of iPads, iPhones or computers. In order to start using the Skype on your iPod, one requires to download the Skype application into there iPads from the iTunes Store. One then launch the iTunes in the iPad where it prompts one to open the Skype account. The account opens the list of the Skype contacts that one can make calls or text.

The iPad uses the inbuilt speaker to enable it make and receive calls. When one wants to make private calls, they can plug in headsets in the iPad for the non-speakerphone. The iPad can be used to also make non-Skype calls. This is possible when one purchases minutes for the Skype on the browser of the computer or iPad. With the capability of making both the Skype and non-Skype calls, one can clearly get to solve the dilemma of can you Skype on an iPad.

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