Brother TZ 231 Is Your Best Choice for Lable Printing! always keeping introducing good and reliable products to our customers. This time, we strongly recommend Brother TZ 231 12mm Labels laminated tape black on white Roll. Want to know why we recommend this item? Keep reading!

The reasons we recommend it?



Abrasion Resistant P-touch TZ Labels – Brother’s patented tape technology ensures that Brother P-touch laminated labels can withstand even heavy abrasion.
Temperature Resistant P-touch TZ Labels – Whether you want to use our labels in freezing conditions or extremely warm environments, Brother P-touch laminated labels have been designed to last. Our laminated labels can withstand temperatures from -80°C to 150°C.
Fade Resistant P-touch TZ Labels – Wherever you use P-touch laminated labels, they will stay as clear and legible as the day they were applied.Water and Chemical Resistant P-touch TZ Labels – Testing TZ labels ‘to the extreme’ has found them to be waterproof and resistant to chemical spill.

Now, you know why ink and toner expert recommend it to you. Without question, you will agree with our recommendation in the near future once you ever used it. Welcome to join our Facebook for discuss.

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