Which Printers support AirPrint right now?

Recently, you may know a new word called AirPrint which allows users print wirelessly from iPhone, iPad or other devices. So the users won’t frustrated by fussy procession before printing, easy going from onscreen to hard copy in anywhere as fast as users expected.

AirPrint of iPad


For instance, if you want to print a concert ticket right away on your iPhone or iPad, just tap your devices without downloading, installing and connecting. The hard copy has already lain down in your printer paper slot. Whatever pages, documents, you read, all would be a hardcopy in your hand soon.

Meanwhile, there are many kinds of printer that support AirPrint now in the market. Normally, the price is between the range $100 -$350. They all come with multiple functions, All-In-One printers. Such as HP photo color inkjet printer series, and Canon Pixma MX, series. Oh remind, the iPad,iPhone devices must run iOS 4.2 or later system.

And for those already have one All in one inkjet printer which has not supported airprint yet, no worries, the manufacture like Canon would update their firmware to make it. Such as Canaon PIXMA MG 8220, MG 6220 or MG 5320 would have been confirmed to update later.

Later we will write blog teach you how to setting your iPod iPad and iPhone device air print from those  printers have not yet supported. Please keep your eyes on 123InkCartridges.

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