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Here is the simple question that people often search online “When is the iPhone 5 Coming out?”, I remember the time that we were so excited last year for the iPhone 5 but it wansn’t actually an iPhone 5 but “iPhone 4S”, the good thing about it is it has a faster dual core A5 chip process and new camera as well as iOS and also the iCloud. However, I believe that there is always something that people have to look forward with, which is the SIRI, recently I barely listen nor see everyone talks about Siri anymore, and according to the insiders, it it widely believed that Apple would come out something which is extremely new, and that is the time when the iPhone 5 will be officially announce in public, in the later part of 2012, however the exact date is still unknown, but possibly, it will be launched during the June at summer 2012.

Since the Apple’s WWDC will be scheduled on June, which leads a strong believe that Apple will release something new during the conference, even we had already learned the lessons that sometimes Apple really like to play games and make people wait for a long time, that is the just the way how Apple marketing conduct with so the expected value of iPhone 5 will be greatly increased since all the world have been waiting for it. Regard to the iPhone 5 features what it will look like, no official information what the phone will be look like or what new features that it will coming with, however, the some of the iPhoner’s forum rumor that the iPhone 5 will be a bit bigger than iPhone 4S and it will have the potential to have the even faster speed, which means the potential for implementing the A6 chip, as well as even faster graphic and possibly the new look design, let’s see what are the potential new features that they are going to add on the new iPhone 5.



iPhone 5- What will they have?


The rumor says the new iPhone 5 will have the even faster LTE version speed, guess it will be 4G LTE above standard 4G speed since they will get a faster chip.

Near Field Communication

This sound like a new technology to me because the term, but it is no simpler than a technology that will allow a device to send and receive data with other devices which are around, it implied that now with the this upcoming iPhone 5 on hand, you will be able t o buy the stuffs away.

A6 Chip
Even none of the news has been confirmed that the new iPhone 5 will be implemented the the newest A6 chip, however, the critics believe that the new iPhone 5 will be using the newest chip for easier and smoother graphic and faster speed.

Big screen

The big screen will allow people to view with even better graphic images, it will be better for playing games and browsing online and even watch movies

New Camera

Even the current version of iPhone has already good enough for taking profession 8MP resolution camera, however, the rumor says that the iPhone 5 will have an extremely high resolution or even better than the 10-12 MP camera that what Sony Erricson, Samsung or HTC having right now.

Lets test it out of this what will happen on June and let’s see whether this time the iPhone 5 will going to disappoint us again, please tell us what you think about this article.]

Disclaimer : The device shown here isn’t iPhone 5. Apple has not officially released any image of iPhone 5 as of now

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