When is iPad Mini coming out?

When is iPad Mini coming out?

When is iPad Mini coming out?

There always has been rumoured about Apples product. Recently, according to a Chinese website that 7-inch iPad Mini may come out in Q3 pricing at $249-$299. It has been said that this move aimed at smacking down the upcoming Windows tablets and also competing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab which has cut into Apple’s market share.

Steve Jobs once said that the iPad is the perfect size already, but why Apple would still consider a smaller iPad? The problem is that not every tablet user wants to purchase a 10-inch model for their needs. A smaller one-hand size of 7-inch tablet could offer a better choice for E-books reading ,Web browsing and E-mail checking with smaller batteries and screens, fewer internal components which give rise to cheaper to purchase.

However, there’re few factors should be considered before Apple decide to hold out for the new model:

1. The screen ratio and resolution could be a headache issue. There’s no impact on using experience if you are most interested in text reading, but if you want to try more delicate and complicated design in format of books, magazines or even comics, normal sized iPad may be your preferable choice for it provides a bigger “canvas” for showing off.

2. Browsing web page in vertical mode will make users to continuously zoom the size to fit their reading. Another matter to be thought over is that user may limit their media options. A more demure model is easy to take and ideal for business trip, but a 10-inch tablet might make sense down the road for more joyful entertainment need.

3. Bigger battery is capable to last longer than smaller battery.

For my take, maybe 7-inch is ideal choice for reading and business purpose. I’d prefer to stick to a larger 10-inch model for better balancing both the business and entertainment requirement. Whether this pint-sized version of the iPad best fit for business is about to coming? We won’t for sure until it unveil in fall.

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