What is printer firmware update

Firmware update for many reasons, like all-in- one can’t receive and send faxes instability, frequent paper jam (in addition to the hardware failure of the pickup roller, fuser, etc.), can’t print double-sided and other issues, the printer manufacturers offer Firmware version to solve such problems.In addition, some printers need to be updated to the latest firmware in order to use the appropriate software or products, such as the printer manufacturer has updated the firmware version to be compatible  airPrint ,so some printers can print from IPAD, IPHONE. 

As printer technology continues to improve,Firmware update method is also simple. Initial Firmware update use the copy command in dos interface , now as long as the small plug-in downloaded to your computer desktop, as simple as running a small install software, but still note the following points:

1, the update process must ensure that computers and printers  can’t cut,  maintain a normal computer and printer communications. If the network connection, printer and computer aren’t disconnected from the network, if you use the USB connection, you can’t unplug the USB cable. If the power is off the network, unplug the USB cable will cause the firmware upgrade failed, resulting in the printer mainboard damage.

2, You must install a print driver for the computer and be able to print with the print driver before running firmware driver or the device you wish to upgrade is not in the list.

3, the upgrade process, the computer and printer can’t restart; it is recommended that users turn off all software in the computer. Computer restarts during the update process may cause the printer can‘t print.

4, Must restart the printer after the update, the  firmware update is successful.

The differentprinter firmware update will be a corresponding difference. If we need to firmware update, contact custom service of the manufacturer .because of improper operation will cause the mainboard failure.

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