What is an Unlocked iPhone 4

Many service providers sell phones that are locked or enter into a contract with a phone company to sell the devices in a locked or configured state that would mean buyers will only use their services to make and receive calls, this restriction ensures that users are tied into contract for a specified time to a particular service provider. Although the devices are sold at subsidized prices there are hidden charges on the phone bills that one will receive monthly thus ending up costing them more, one can however unlock their locked devices this means opening up the device to access different mobile services from preferred service providers and avoid lengthy contracts that will tie them down and cost them even more, this to answer the many questions on what is an unlocked iPhone 4.

Since unlocking a phone means that the contract has been breached many companies do not offer services to spoilt unlocked phones. Although there are unlocked phones in the market that one could opt for and evade the risk of damaging their device in the process of unlocking. Before unlocking a particular device it is important to ensure that the device is compatible with the SIM that one wishes to use.

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