The new iPad Review: Why do I need a new iPad?

The new iPad review

The new iPad review

Apple’s newest generation of iPad has been rolled out for quite a long while. The iPad 3, the new iPad3 and the new iPad… call it whatever you want, it actually doesn’t have much difference between the iPad 2 looking from the its outside figure. The question most people asked about quite often when it comes to the new iPad is:  what’s different form the old one and whether it’s worthy to update at such a high cost?
But well, considering of the mass volume of people that queue up for days on end craving to get one on their hands, of cause it does have something awesome to be liked. The most highlight on it must be the Retina Display. I believe that you’ve seen enough report and review to learn about how this element could be able to  impress people. Considerably clear, bright and sharp features aim to diver users the unprecedented visual experience expanded form Smartphone screens to a larger tablet displays. Moreover, its quad-core graphic internal set has also enormously improved graphical performance which allows you to run your games or HD movies even more perfectly and smoothly.
However, I still feel that this little overpriced tablet lacking of some key features which could have been improved in my opinion. The most frustrating thing that really disconcerts me is the fact the device will heat up quite considerably enough to fry eggs under medium-term use.  Furthermore, the iPad 3 look a little behind the curve for not adopting the quad core processor even through there’s no must-be reason for such a chipset in a tablet. Plus, I’m not sold on its design.  Not terrible, but adding heft and thickness seems really bizarre especially Apple is a company that prides itself on design. In addition, the lack of storage often force you to give up some of your beloved apps or cool HD films in order to go after the other awesome new things.
Certainly, there’s no doubt the new iPad become the leader in the tablet campaign once again, despite the mentioned negative points. However, I don’t feel there should be a tough more awesome reason for a 64GB device at a near $719 price tag.  if you don’t really care about visual effects, why don’t you  give a shot on lower end tablet which‘s much cheaper but offer you the same using experience as well? is a specialized ink toner and cartridges provider, but also delivers quite wide range of choices of electronic products as well. If you want to buy something qualified without willing to cost you mush, then we are absolutely your best choice!

2 comments on “The new iPad Review: Why do I need a new iPad?

  1. Riley M

    I thought there was a big difference in the performance and look of it; I upgraded from the first generation iPad, so naturally it was a big change. I have the white 16GB LTE iPad. Since I don’t save very much to it, the memory is not a problem. Also, having LTE has been great. I was at the airport a few hours early last week, and I just took out my iPad and started watching live TV in HD using the DISH Remote Access app. I use this app a lot; usually while on lunch at DISH where I work, and it was nice being able to catch up on my shows while waiting for my flight. I’m very happy with my iPad!

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Riley,

      We are very happy to hear this from you, for me, HD display for me is a big deal because I do play game, and right now with its ever faster processing speed in term of graphical processing as well as browsing speed, having your iPad and lay on your couch will be one of the most enjoyable moment which I have ever had in life, especially during the Sunday afternoon. Hope to see your comment soon!


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