The Best Apps for Business User to Print with an iPad.

Print with an iPad and Air-print compatible printer may easy for you. So how about those Air-print incompatible printer? Should we gave up them or using the stupid way to remove your files from iPad to PC which is printable. NO! There are ways we can print with Air-Print incompatible printer.

We can use the third party software to let your wireless printer works just like Air-print printer. Such as Print Central for iPad, Print n Share for iPad



1. Print Central for the iPad is a great printing app. You can print to almost any Wi-Fi enabled printer without additional software. Free print software (WePrint) makes short work of connecting to other printers using printers installed on Macs or PCs. The application also enables printing remotely via 3G/EDGEPrint to printers used by your Mac or PC using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, shared or network printers.

Print Central has plenty of other features: mount your iPad as an external hard drive; view docs from your iPad stored on your home computer, sent by email, virtually from the cloud; print directly from supported apps. If you want to print Internet web pages, Google Maps, SMS messages, or your contacts’ information, you can easily do it with this app.


Print n Share for iPad

Print n Share for iPad

2. Print n Share for iPad enables printing directly to most Wi-Fi or shared printers. As with Print Central, USB and Bluetooth printers can be used by leveraging free corresponding printing software. 3G/EDGEPrint, meanwhile, enables printing remotely to all printers used by a Mac or a PC.

Print n Share also supports email features, including printing email messages and attachments and accessing multiple email accounts. Document support includes viewing and printing Office and iWork files and navigating a computer’s folders to locate specific files. As with Print Central, Print n Share enables mounting an iPad (or iPhone or iPod) as a network disk from a Mac or PC computer, moving or printing documents via iDisk, printing contacts, printing photos and more.

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