Solving How Do I Know if My iphone is Unlocked Dilemma

Many cell phones are bought when locked by the sellers in such a way that the phone only works with the sim card that was bought together. This restricts the owner from using sim cards from other network providers. Then the big question that users ask themselves is how do I know if my iphone is unlocked? Knowing whether your iphone s unlocked is a process that one can carry out at home with no technical assistance and does not cause damage to the phone.

The first thing a user should do is turning off the iphone. The sim card is then located, which is usually found between the headphone jack and the sleep button. A paper clip is straightened and placed on the sim card try which pops out releasing the sim. The sim card is then removed from the tray. A new sim card is inserted on the try and return back the try into thee phone. The iphone should then be switched on and given a few minutes to configure the network of the sim card. If the question of how do I know if my iphone is unlocked still disturbs, you should try to make or receive a call on your iphone with the new line. If it is possible to make or receive a call then your iphone is unlocked.

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