Print from iPad to Network Printer.

The Apple devices changed many of our ways to deal with daily work. You can take it anywhere you want with all your work files or documents. It help you save printing paper but sometimes it headache you for a printing work with iPad.

Here, we’d like to talk about one way to print from iPad to network printer. Printing from the iPad can be easy if your needs are modest, but even if you require extensive printing control, there is, as they say, an app for that.

You will need:

1.A wireless printer.  iPad Connection kit which was used to connect your iPad to Mac or other PC is useless. 2.Equipped your device with iOs 4.2 (click “Check for Updates” in iTunes if you don’t have the latest iOs.)

If you happen to have ePrint compatible printer which was supported by AirPrint, and it’s on the same local network as the iPad, your iPad will be able to see it and print without any special configuration.

If you do not have any ePrint and have to do most of your printing via other printers. You may follow the below instructions:

Installing Ecamm Network’s “Printopia” on a Mac on your network, select the printer(s) you want your iOS devices to be able to use, and you can then print to those printers from your iPad just as if they were HP ePrint printers.

Once you have either an ePrint-compatible printer or an AirPrint enabler set up, printing from your iPad is simple:

First, check the Print command. Assuming an app has been updated for AirPrint support, this command is in there somewhere, although the location varies—sometimes it appears when you tap a button with the word Print or a printer icon on it, or it may be in a popover that appears when you tap a Tools, Send, or Action icon.

Next, if this is your first time using AirPrint, or if you want to switch printers, tap Select Printer and then tap a printer name. The printer you select becomes the new default printer. You can always change this setting by doing this step.

To change the number of copies, tap the plus (+) or minus (-) button. If the document has more than one page, you can limit which pages print by tapping Range and selecting the start and end page numbers. When you’re done, tap on Print. Until now, just waiting for your printing come out.

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