TOP 10 Must Have iPhone Apps 2012




must have iPhone 4S app

must have iPhone 4S app

What are the “must have iPhone apps” for 2012? I remember that back to the time when I was a student, one of my habits is sitting on the couch and checking new apps for my iPhone, the most frustrating thing which I found out that some of apps are very costly but you pretty much don’t feel like paying because it is not as good as you think, so most of the time I stick with the “free apps since it is firstly FREE and I will be able to test it before I purchase the full version. In this article, I am going to introduce a bit some of the articles I liked and I hope my “must have iPhone apps suggestion list will be helpful for all of you.

Facebook iPhone App

No wonder that this is perhaps the top one which people are using it quite often, since it is pretty much the first thing you will ever think about when you open your computer, with this app, you will be able to keep in touch with family or even friends. By the way, just in case you still don’t know, our company also do have our own Facebook page well, Facebook app is pretty much the most frequent app which I use it everyday day and night.

Skype App

Another amazing app which allow you to call, video chat and even SMS to the people who has the Skype account, you will be using this app to have international calls at cheap rate unlike telephone line, it is quite convenient app to have especially when you are in a place which is surrounded by the WIFI services.

Camera+ iPhone App

Since the upgrade version of iPhone 4 has greatly improved their camera feature, however, the Camera+ app will even deliver an astonishing image and even much better quality which comes with more zooming option, motion catching and many more.

Photoshop Express iPhone App

One of the reasons which I like this app a lot is because its simplicity and convenience, without any complication hassles what you have for the PC version, in fact, this application do not just let you edit images, adjust color, remove noise, it even gives you the best platform for you to share your photos freely with the fastest speed. I can simply shoot a photo and have it edited and share it just within minutes, isn’t it awesome enough to download it for having a try?

DropBox iPhone App

Are you worrying that your iPhone will not have enough space to store your file, do not worry! With the DropBox app you will be able to back up all the files that you need faster and safer, you will download it for Free to have a new account, you will be able to get up to 2GB of storage once you register the account,.


Pinterest is quite fun to be had with if you ever use pinterest on computer, everything you need to do is to pin the image that you will like and whenever people like it they will share the thing which you posted for you, it is pretty much like Facebook but in picture version.


One of the best app which I read it quite often, it updates most frequent news from electronic, technology, mobile and even gaming news, with this iPhone app on hand, you will be sure to have most of the relevant information technological information that you will need, in life.


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