Max Payen Mobile finally hit on iPhone & iPad devices!

Max Payen MobileMobile version of Max Payen has finally hit on iOS platform!  As a third-person shoot game originally published in 2001, Max Payen has already received very positive reviews from critics and accumulated large number of gunplay aficionados.  The neo-noir style cinematic action-shoot game grab lots of folks’ heart by its invented concept of Bullet Time and dark twisted story!

I purchased it and tried it on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 at first time since its initial release date on 12 Apr for $2.99(really good deal as I concerned!). The 3D effect isn’t that smooth for which might be the reason of limitation of control platform. Many details are kind of inferior,  say character modelling is in some sort rough and the textures are little bit low resolution and our Max feels a little floaty when he moves.  But it still looks pretty good rendered on the iPad’s Retina Display, so I highly recommend you to run game on iPad or the new iPad as its developer has given clear indication of its Retina supported resolution. Therefore, die-hard fans no need to worry about any loss of atmosphere for its graphical changes have been undertaken to enhance gaming performance and meanwhile not change the game’s tone.

The operational modes are in the form of screen touch and virtual control. Movement control and perspective rotation can be triggered anywhere on the screen so the overall operating feel is rather smooth. The virtual buttons from top to bottom on the right side are shooting, bullet time and jump.  Aside, on the top left corner shows Marx’s state of life which can be recovered by agents stuff when double-click the character icon. Weapons in use and bullets left will show on top right corner. You can call out all your acquired weapons to switch by means of click on the triangle button on top of the screen center.

Max Payen Mobile

However, I feel that there’s problem with this default virtual control layout, for its hit zones for buttons are too close to each other which will cause you pushing the wrong button that you will often find yourself jumping when you want to enter bullet time. While in the intense and nerve wracking situation, what’s worse is that you may be overwhelmed by enemies due to controls. Though there’s customizable control setting offer you to choose from,  I do still hope developers of Max Payen could think over to optimize the control layout in order to let players chose and adjust their own accustomed layout so that to upgrade user gaming experience.

Still, some of its newly added features are pretty awesome. The design like multiple aiming modes makes gaming more diversified and fun. In regard to Skip to Level cheat, I recommend you should save your files tohave weapons in your inventory; as you will start a new level with your current weapon set.

Lastly, I want to thumb up the special power used up by MAX —Bullet Time!  Every time Max take out an enemy, he will replenish a little more this power. When you fill up the Bullet Time hourglass, you could activate it! As Max encounter rooms full of enemies, this sparkling power could slow down time of everything around but he is still able to aim just as fast as in real time!  This gives a unique and enormous advantage over enemy.  The slow motion will bring with outstanding cinematic effect and every detail is so realistic at the same time. It’s really an enjoyment to watch every time’s Bullet Time show! A variety of fresh and cool slow motion kill perfectly matching passionate background game music could utterly make you addict to it!

For my take, this game is a must buy for old-school players as well as new school players!  If you haven’t played this game, get ready to be sucked into the great twisting story of Max Payne’s past and how he’s struggling to right a wrong committed against his family!


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