Kingston 16GB WI Drive–Your Vitual Flash Storage Perfection

When the first time I heard about this product “Kingston 16GB WI Drive”, in my head I really do not have idea what is that until I found out that it is pretty much a wireless flash storage, then I just suddently jump out and asking myself an own question “is the wireless flash storage actually existed?” So far I just heard about iCloud, or Dropbox that require internet, but now with Kingston 16GB WI Drive, I believe that this type of product will definitely open it up vision for the people who held an Apple device, right now it is selling pretty cheap ($75) in our 123inkcartridges online store as well.



The Kingston WI Drive features Wifi transfer which enable you to bring your favorite data with you and being able to share with everyone who held an Apple device such as iPad, iPhone and iPod, for the product itself, it can serves as a 16gb extended storage where you no longer need to worry if your device will be out of space. The Wi-Drive also allows you to share with up to three people simultaneously, since it has implemented the 802.11 protocol, it can pretty much act like the home wireless hub, with the password protection which it has, you do not even need to worry that your files will be stolen during transfer. Up to 4 hours battery life, simple and easy to conduct with, just simply back up your file before you go so it will access via Wi-Drive whenever you are going to open it again. Our 16GB WI Drive will definitely become the next trend for next Apple generations.

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