iPad/2 does Run Both on iOS and Windows 8 !

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It is released by the Microsoft Official website that Windows 8 introduces 3 versions or operating system today. They are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. The new system will operate far more flexible than the old version, also support for the next x86/64 editions and ARM processor. Obviously, the Windows 8 is for the general PC users, and Windows 8 pro has been created for those advanced users.

The coolest APP you should have on iPad/iPad2 

Previously, the Windows 8 customer preview version makes large amount of users have an enjoyable experience. And it even was regarded as the most suitable system for tablets. If you already have an iPad and still want to have a try with Windows 8 system. Don’t Worry, the new app—Win8 Metro Tetbed—lets iPad users enjoy a Metro UI of windows 8 right on their Apple device. This app is in the launch limited special time, 50% off of original price, now is $24.99. It is deserve to try on your iPad and iPad2.

win8 Metro Testbed

Before having an experience of Metro UI on the iPad , install Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Splashtop’s (app’s developer) free streamer program on PC is necessary. Then,Wi-Fi app to iPad.

After everything would have settled down, users would found the app makes Windows 8 happen on an Apple device thoroughly. Same gestures to control you device under metro UI, more even, it allow to run two apps side-by-side by swiping slowly from the left.

Win8 Metro Tetbed makes it work in both ways. It is a really cool app to have for iPad/iPad 2. And easy for users to take decision whether to have a windows tablet or not later this year.

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