How to Use iPhone Headphones and Enjoy the Music with Privacy

The iphones are made with a built-in port that allows entry of standard headphones to the phone. When one want to listen to music in private or when in a noisy place, the need to know how to use iphone headphones. Some of the iphones have a microphone that can be used with the iphone apps. First, one should turn on the iphone if it is currently off. Press and hold sleep/wake button that is located on the top right end of the device until he Apple logo appears on the screen. The headphones are then plugged into the device through its port that is located at the top edge of the device.

Activate the iphone touch screen by pressing home screen button. This is followed by dragging the unlock button using a finger from left to right. Launch any of the media players in the iphone such as ipod or YouTube to play the music of choice to begin paying with the connected    headphones. Adjust the volume in the headphones using the control at the left edge of the device. To increase the volume press the top button and press on the bottom button to lower the volume. One can enjoy their music or even answer and make call on learning how to use iphone headphones with ease.

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