How to Unlock My iPhone 3GS for Free

The iphones are bought through the Apple Company or even through the third parties such as eBay. When one to use their phone with another cellular providing company they require learning how to unlock my iphone 3gs for free. This cold is possible by downloading Blackrain program into a personal computer and then transferring it to a personal computer. One should at first update the latest version of the iphone 3gs firmware into there personal computer. Connect the device into the personal computer through the Firewire or USB   cable and allow it to sync with itunes. Once the device has finished to sync with the itunes, eject from the personal computer and exit itunes.

Down load the Blackrain program into the personal computer. Make a transfer of the program into the iphone 3g. The iphone is connected to the personal computer and a double click is made on the “EXE” file to run it. Click on the “Make it rain” button   option when it appears. The device should allow time to reboot and then disconnected from the computer. Bring the iphone to a wireless internet connection and tap on the icon that appears on the iphone 3gs desktop. Install and run the Blackrain on the device by tapping on the Blacksnow option followed by a tap on the install button. Close the post install log that displays on the phone. When one inserts any sim card from any cellular service provider, it will be accepted giving the answers to the question of how to unlock my iphone 3gs for free.

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