How to Unlock iPod Touch 8gb

The touch screen in an ipod touch 8 can enable on to limit access to the information by prompting one to enter access code to unlock it. After setting the pass code for the device, one needs to enter a four-digit code to unlock access the device. To have safe custody of the information, one need to have a code that is easy to remember and is difficult for the others to know. One need to know how to unlock ipod touch 8gb if they need to enjoy their apps. If one happens to forget the pass-code for their phone, the only possible way to access the ipod will be to restore the ipod to its original factory settings.

To unlock an ipod touch eight with a pas code, one need to push the bezel button on the device. Slide against the arrow bar at the bottom of the ipod touch eight screen and type in the four-digit pass code. This will unlock the ipod and it becomes ready for use. To unlock the device without a pass code one need to connect the ipod touch to the computer using USB cable. Launch the itunes in the computer; select the ipod touch on the itunes sidebar and click on the summary tab. Click restore button under the version section, click back up, and restore button on the dialogue box. The device is left plugged in until the restoration is complete. On knowing how to unlock ipod touch 8gb one can get access to their ipod when with access code or not and keep unauthorized users at bay.

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