How to Unlock iPhone 3G Passcode

The iPhone 3g gives users the options of enabling a passcode that will protect their devices from unauthorized users access to their private files stored in their device, the passcode is on default mode and once enabled the user is prompted to key a four digit code that will act as a passcode for protecting the device from unauthorized persons, however with the hustle and bustle of life one can easily forget their passcode and have problems trying to get access to their device hence the need to know how to unlock iPhone 3g passcode.

To unlock the device press the home button, once prompted to enter a passcode enter and tap ok the device should unlock automatically to give one access to the device, this works for one who has their passcode on their finger tips however if you have forgotten your passcode the process will be slightly different and one will be required to hard reset their device, this will erase the information on the device but one is ensured of access to their device. To avoid loosing data one is advised to set a passcode that is easy to remember or write it down for reference and ensure that there is no need to hard reset their device.

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