How to Unlock an iPhone for Free and Use Sim Card of Choice

The iPhone has become the most popular make of the phone in the market. Most of the phones when bought have the ability to use the services of one cellular service provider.

One can learn how to unlock an iPhone free and use the line of choice. One requires to jailbreak the phone by opening the operating system to manual operating configuration that has no explicit support of Apple. This can then be followed by unblocking which allow any mobile sim card to be used in the phone.

First, one has to jailbreak the phone by tapping on Safari to be able to launch the iPhone web browser. One then navigate to the JailbreakMe before swiping the Jailbreaker slider to be able to install the JailbreakMe software to the iPhone. What follows is to unlock the phone. One taps the settings icon followed by the Network option to enable the 3g to be off. On return to home screen tap on Cydia and then manage the resources. Tap Edit and then Add follows typing of “”. Tap add sources then tap done when through. At the top of the screen search for ultrasnow and tap the application icon. Install it and confirm. If one still has the question of how to unlock an iPhone for free, they can put in a new sim card to the phone and try to make or receive a call. The unlocked phone can then be used with any sim card of choice since it is no longer restricted to any one cellular network.

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