How to Unlock an iPhone 3gs for Tmobile

Unlike many other mobile phones the iPhone is sold on a locked mode meaning users of the device are limited to acquiring services from a particular service provider, it comes in a de fault mode one can unlock it to be able to use a preferred service provider and for users who would want to use T-Mobile mobile services unlocking a device to be able to use the providers services will need an online unlocking website that gives all the needed software under one roof  and one does not need to be tech savvy to go about it, and the steps on how to unlock an iPhone 3g for tmobile involves connecting the device to a computer using a USB to the port provided and wait for an icon indicating connection, launch the default web browser by selecting it from the pop up menu ‘start’ then all applications, go to iPhone unlocking website and click agreement button to continue to a new web page.

Click on the ‘jailbreak Me’ button on the web page, a progress bar will appear on the webpage and wait for it to load, it may take a while depending with the speed of internet connection, after rebooting right click the iPhone icon on the desktop to select eject from the menu then remove iPhone cable from the USB port of the computer and the iPhone.

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