How to Unlock an iPad Without Knowing the Password

These days one has so many things that require them to have a pass code or password and chances of them forgetting either one are very high however by writing down somewhere which password belongs to which account one is saved from the trouble of loosing their passwords. For devices however like an iPad the technology disables itself if the wrong password is entered repeatedly and after many attempts unsuccessfully it locks itself until it is connected to a computer that had synced it last. The other steps on how to unlock an iPad without knowing the password is by configuring your device to delete itself after a number of unsuccessful attempts, the setting is often off by default and can be turned on by tapping on the settings icon, general then password lock.

One will need to restore their device using a computer if they cannot remember the password, the procedure allows one to reset their password and resync the data from the device or restore from a backup, using a computer that had not synced with the device will only unlock the device and the password removed but the data will not be present for viewing, it is therefore important to use a computer that has already been synced with your device.

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