How to Unlock an iPad 2

When one initially buys an ipad 2, the might get a little confusion on hoe to open it. For people who have used the ipod and iphone they might have an idea on how to unlock an ipad 2 since it is similar to the two gadgets only that it is bigger. People with the knowledge of iphones or the ipod might have the knowledge to go through the various applications and components of the ipad. To begin with, one needs to know how to unlock an ipod before using. The process takes a few seconds and when complete one can easily access the ipad 2.

To begin with, one locates the home button, which is found on the bottom centre of the ipad. Press the home button once and wait.  The ipad 2 screen lights up with the time appearing at the top of the screen and a scroll bar that reads slide to unlock, appearing at the bottom of the screen. This scroll bar is what is used to unlock the phone. One slide the finger along the scroll bar from the left of the screen to the right and an unlocking noise of the ipad is heard.  The home screen will then and one will have the knowledge of how to unlock an ipad 2.

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