How to Unfreeze an iPod Classic

It is usually very disappointing when an iPod classic freezes. Sometimes it does so without valid reason. However, do you know that if your iPod freezes you can get it back to the normal way, how it used to play music? In order to unfreeze your iPod you must be ready to know how to unfreeze an iPod classic. This information is given in various search engines and thus one can use to get enlightened. There are some steps that one should carefully follow for a success unfreezing of an iPod classic. The first step is making sure that your iPod classic is unplugged from your computer. This is to make sure that the iPod classic is safe from any electrical damage.

The next step is laying down of your iPod on a stable and flat surface. One should then move the “Hold” switch from “off” to “hold” and drop it “off” again. The next step is that one should hold press the “menu” and “select” buttons. It takes about 10seconds to make the Apple logo appear. Once the Apple logo appears, one should release the menu and select buttons to allow the iPod classic to restart. By following the above steps, one will have accomplished how to unfreeze an iPod classic.

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