How to Transfer Music from PC to Iphone

One would love to enjoy a favorite music away from home in their personal computer by having it in their iphone. To be able to have this benefit on needs to know how to transfer music from pc to iphone. One needs to have the latest version of iTunes in their personal computer. The iTunes software are downloaded from the internet or bought from the local software store. The iphone is connected to the personal computer using the USB and the iTunes in the personal computer are launched with the iphone appearing on the devices on the left hand corner of the menu.

The album, artist or name of song that one wants to transfer to the iphone is clicked and while still holding the mouse button on the left the song is dragged into the iphone on the left side of the screen. When a plus sign appears on the iphone the mouse is released which automatically transfer the music to the iphone. The iphone indicates sync in progress when the songs are being transferred until they are complete. When one has transferred all the songs he needed in his iphone the eject button is clicked and it is safe to disconnect the iphone from the personal computer having solved the dilemma of how to transfer music from pc to iphone.

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