How to Transfer Music from Ipod Touch to Computer Without Software

You have recently lost your favorite music collection in your computer and had not set a backup to restore them and the only way to gain them back is from your iPod, but you do not know how this is done without a software since you do not have one here are some of the steps one can follow on how to transfer music from iPod touch to computer without software by manually transferring the files to the computer by clicking on the iPod icon, on the right an icon saying enable disk use is displayed and one should click on it, go to my computer to search for device with removable storage the iPod, and right or double click on the icon to view a list of folders displayed and click on iPod control.

On the option go to the music folder and drag the files needed to save them on the computer, the other option is using iTunes by copying the entire folder to add it to library but one cannot save their playlist or recently played details and transferring the data requires one  to use a third party software. These are some of the steps on how to transfer music from iPod touch to computer without software.

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