How to Transfer Music from Ipod to Itunes on Windows 7

Every iPod owner has been faced with the question of “how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes”. This is the ultimate dilemma that every iPod owner faces. It’s imperative to note that apple have made it almost impossible for individuals to transfer music from their iPods to their computers.  The fact still remains that you cannot transfer songs from iPods to iTunes without some help. What a person needs is specific iPod software that will enable you to transfer your music to the computer. The software are specially meant or designed to transfer music from the iPod to iTunes. The most relevant software that is designed to transfer music from the iPod to the iTunes is the cucusoft software.

Individuals who want to know how to transfer music from iPods to iTunes will definitely find the cucusoft software important. This is informed by the fact that the software is very easy to use and it’s also free to download. In a nutshell, all that a person needs to do in order to transfer music from an iPod to iTunes is by simply getting a good software program. The software is without a doubt all the solution you need when transferring music from an iPod to a computer.

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  1. jimholy

    FonePaw iOS Transfer is a perfect solution of iPod to iTunes utilities, which can let you select each songs or export all music files from iPod to your iTunes library, even for iPhone and iPad.


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